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New Online Store

04/30/2012 16:49
Hi everyone, it is now possible to order a post card or Christmas card with Boba Fett and R2D2. There are also shirts and shot glasses featuring some of the graphics from the "Political Satire" page. Check it out and send me your feed back:

New Political Satire page

04/15/2012 10:43
Check out the new graphics making fun of Communism, Anonymous and current events. MANDALORYMOUS 4 LIFE BITCHES!

Site Updating & New Photos: Bruges & Roma

04/15/2012 09:44
I sincerely apologise for not keeping the site more up-to-date. Here are some new photos of Bruges, Belgium. Have fun trying to find R2!

First Round of Pictures

01/29/2012 05:32
Check out Photo of the Week and the rest of the gallery asap!
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